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>> dan: good evening. we're going to begin with late word who will play quarterback this sunday. jim harbaugh will go with the hot hand. he had has made that call. let's bring in larry beil. this was an interesting decision. >> much speculation and before and after. he was radioactive and harbaugh would not reveal the starter at the news conference, tonight's sports illustrated that kaper nick will start in new orleans, that a alex smith was told that he kapernick would be the starter. smith has not been cleared to play. he is coming back from a concussion. you have to remember here also, this could be a very fluid situation going forward. harbaugh said he may play both quarterbacks and could reat a
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time them. i guaranteed you there will be times when colin struggles and niners may need alex smith. old-timers will remember tom landry, coach of the dallas cowboys, he had a roger star back and craig morten. he alternated them play to play. i don't think we'll see anything that crazy but you're going to see. >> you pull alex smith and you could rattle his confidence. >> it's a delicate balance here. it's better to have two guys that are capable instead of zero guys that are capable. >> dan: move on to other news. i wanted to focus your attention on a san jose man suspected of a violent crime spree. jonathan willbanks appeared in
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court. the crime spree resulted in the death of this man. his family is planning a memorial service. more from karina rusk. >> reporter: he walked into the court with his head down, his demeanor in sharp contrast to the one san jose police described friday night, 26-year-old faces eight felony counts including murder with special circumstances for this senseless killing of rory pettiford. this is public defender. >> what would you say the state of mind? >> i would say extremely remorseful. >> it included the murder of pettiford but four armed robberies and assault on an or and attempted murder of a peace officer. deputy d.a. says it was fortunate there was only one murder. >> it would be nice if he was
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remorseful. all i can say the officer that was fired upon had round after round raining down on him. >> if convicted, the death of pettiford makes it a possible death penalty case. a decision the district attorney will make at a later time. >> does he realize the seriousness of charges? >> i don't have anything to say. >> they are looking for a suspect that was with him and got away. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to his capture and conviction. >> this is something through the grace of god. this officer could have been killed. we have no reason to suspect he wouldn't try to do the same thing again. >> willbank not enter a plea in the felony counts against him. he is scheduled to do that on december 5th. >> dan: in san francisco, they
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are investigating why a manhole cover blew up in the street. sigh 7 was over the area. apparently a muni bus was passing by and threw out an electrical arc to caused manhole cover to move. nobody was hurt. >> nearly hundred people are without power in orinda. the outage was caused by a downed power line. 1500 customers were initially affected. it caused brief delays on bart but power was restored within minutes. now to the cease-fire in the middle east. after eight days, 1500 rockets and more than 100 people killed. leaders agreed to a truce. white house is calling it tenuous but as our reporter
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explains, it's a victory for secretary of state hillary clinton who helped broker it. >> for secretary clinton it's been 24 hours of break neck talks, first to the jerusalem and west bank and back to jerusalem and then to cairo. a truce that seemed to be negotiated by israeli bombardment by sea and air and hamas rockets. suddenly the announcement. >> united states welcomes the agreement today for a cease-fire in gaza. if it holds, rockets must end. >> it turned into bursts of celebration. but in jerusalem they briefed the nation on the deal glum faced. the first bus bombing since 2006 in the heart of tel aviv across the street from the defense ministry.
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this iet said -- this eyewitness said he thought it was rocket. more than 20 that were wounded they say it was an ide. at least 20 rockets fired out of gaza hours after the deal. >> dan: in gaza tonight, enormous relief. people breaking out into spontaneous celebration. the green flags were raised across the gaza strip. palestinians poured into the streets. >> there is sense of relief on the street but this a victory celebration. after a week of fighting with israel, the palestinians feel like they have won. >> won because for the first time militant groups were able to fire rockets into israel's biggest city, jerusalem and tel aviv. >> do you believe it is a
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turning point. >> it is huge. >> in the final hours, both sides kept pounding away at each other. israeli air strike leveled this building. naval artillery from the sea and landed close. human cost was huge. here in georgia, 160 dead and 200 wounded. >> dan: back here, heartbreak for a san francisco man already suffering from chronic illness. now someone has stolen his beloved dog. he was diagnosed with cancer and is on dialysis and has had a hip replacement. one bit of solace is his dog and now his dog is missing. while in the hospital someone snatched his dog. >> it's very difficult without her. she was very, very important to me.
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she was my constant companion. >> dan: rob doesn't have any pictures of lola but she looks like these pictures of his last dog named paul. lola weighs about ten pounds. friends and neighbors are putting up signs and offering a $3,000 reward. >> to the holiday, thanksgiving getaway weekend is just about over. here is a look at all the planes in the sky at the peak of the travel. look at that. traffic at bay area airports was heavy as expected but there were no major delays. weather cooperated. for folks they decided to stay close to home, it's looking awfully attract tract i have. a lot of lifts were on wind hold today. those are shots from heavenly. laura anthony spent the day at northstar. here is her report.
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>> it was a storm that made it easy on those trying to get the mountain and snow levels stayed well above 8,000 feet. on the slopes that wasn't so good producing just an inch or two of new snow at the very top and stuff at the bottom a little slushy. >> it's a lot of fun. it's a good day. >> northstar, the runs that were open were pretty crowded. >> do did you think you ko would be skiing before thanksgiving? >> no. >> what do you like about it? >> skiing and getting out. >> by tomorrow, northstar plans to make sure more people can go up and down by opening up a lift that goes all the way to the top
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of mount pluto. >> we'll be skiing to the top of the mountain. they can expect eight more trails to open and from intermediate to advanced. >> dan: as we continue to fireball, a clear demonstration of what not to do this thanksgiving. plus, a surprise welcome for a soldier home for the holidays. also coming up, holiday shoppers spent the last minute, frenzy at the supermarket. all the more chaotic because of a safeway power outage. sandhya patel is here with the holiday weekend weather. >> out with the rain and in with the chill. how cold for t
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offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> dan: a south bay marin has been buried. officers shot him after a late night confrontation. dozens of family and friends joined the service. he served in afghanistan and four-year enlistment would have ended in january. >> this is the first day at home for a soldier in nevada county critically wounded by an afghan army insider in july.
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applause broke out as corporal brandon wolden was in parade. >> another cheer as other veterans welcomed walden as he arrived at sacramento international airport. his mother says he wanted to wear his army uniform but hasn't been issued boots that will accommodate his damaged leg. >> it's amazing. we have never seen a show of love. i don't know. i'm a big crybaby right now. >> dan: you can understand why. the corporal is only home for a week. then it's back to texas to continue physical therapy for up to two years. he and four other soldiers were wounded july 3rd when a man wearing an afghan army uniform opened fire.
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tomorrow's the big day. you may be cooking at home. safety information about cooking turkey. deep frying a bird is one of leading reasons that firefighters respond to a fire on thanksgiving day. that is what can happen. firefighters say the most important step is to make sure that your turkey is thawed. if there is a fire call 91 immediately. don't try to put it out. you can't use water because the oil. make sure it's not frozen and make sure you leave plenty of room once you put the turkey in to allow the water to rise. in san francisco it took seven hours to restore power to the safeway market in the marina district. only that store was affected by an outage. a blown transformer forced
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dozens of shoppers out. lyanne melendez has the story. >> customers arrived at the marina safeway only to find the lights out. this is cellphone video. they had to navigate their way through the ales. >> it's really dark. >> it's very dark. you can't seen see the . this stuff i couldn't find. you had to pinpoint wait flashlight. >> the power outage occurred after a transformer blew leaving everyone in the dark. cash registers were still working because they were powered by a generator. >> trying to find things in the dark was interesting. somebody helped me, it worked out okay. >> there were long lines everywhere, perhaps a sign that the economy is recovery. at this honey baked store they
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had to wait a long time to pick up items. >> and it's so hot in there. >> half an hour is it worth it. >> my family loves it. >> many stores are open first thing tomorrow morning. jrk lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> it was shopping in the dark. meteorologist sandhya patel, storm is gone. looks like we have a great weekend. >> you don't want to be cooking in the dark. it could be a disaster. it's not going to be a disaster for the holiday as far as weather. if you have plans for black friday doing shopping looking good, as well. we do have a few things to be concerned about. we are looking toward san francisco right now, skies are pretty clear other than a couple of passing clouds as we look at live doppler 7-hd. high clouds, harmless, not to
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worry. they are going pass to the north. here are the rainfall totals over the last 48 hours. you'll see a sharp contrast from north to south. over 4 1/2 inches of rain. you look at san francisco, more than an inch. an inch 1/2 in san rafael. concord, .65. quite a bit of rainfall to the north. it started to drop off as you head south. it's all gone. now, we're concerned about the cold. temperatures are dropping, 46 already in napa. 48 in santa rosa. we are heading in for a cold night. clear and chilly overnight. sunny and mild for your thanksgiving. as you look at the radar, there is the cold front that brought us the rain. high pressure is starting to take over. with the ridge, dry pattern into next week. storm track is going to remain well to the north of us.
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this is what i'm concerned about the fog forming in the valleys. it will expand toward the bay area. it hatches around this time of year. this could be dense in pockets for the valley location for your morning hours tomorrow. if you are getting away for thanksgiving, keep in mind that the following could pose a problem. temperatures in the morning, i suggest that the upper 30s in the north and east bay valleys. some locations are really getting cold. 38 in santa rosa. down to 46 in san jose. 45 degrees in santa cruz. at you look at the afternoon highs and low to mid-60s, sunshine a few high clouds, 64 degrees in san rafael. san mateo on the peninsula out tour the a-yok area, half moon bay, 63 degrees. for the monty ray bay, it is looking beautiful, morgan hill, up to 73 degrees in salinas. dry for thanksgiving. warmer for friday afternoon but
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black friday starts out with fog and it's going to get even colder down to the mid 30s. make sure you bundle up if you are going to brave that shopping trip. it will bring in possibility of a few showers by monday but by then, holidays will be over. >> dan: thank you very much. coming up next, improving the flying experience. the airplane that promises the end of jet lag. end of jet lag. you'll get a tour of this as
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>> dan: more than three million americans are flying to thanksgiving dinner this holiday and some of those people will be flying in plane that will land on its own and promises to ease
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jet lag. jim avila takes a test flight. >> it's an airline designed to bring back the fun. the passenger jet with swooping wings and fuselage made primarily of plastic composite. boeing has sold more than 800 an the world but united the first to fly the dream liner that begin this month. >> the airlines are buying these because they are cheaper. they will sell you on the creature comforts, there is more oxygen on the plane and they have huge storage bins. >> the plastic body is stronger than metal. so the air pressure inside can be kept the equivalent at 6,000 feet instead of 9,000 in most jets. that translates to more comfort.
9:26 pm
>> increase in humidity, pressurization of the cabin. it's a different experience. >> the windows are a third bigger. there a light show on board. different colors for takeoff. >> so we go into one color is like candlelight. >> it carries the next level of safety. >> situational awareness in the cockpit is phenomenal. >> from the security camera that shows them who is outside the cockpit door. to a radar that detects potential collisions miles away. they can land the dream liner on its own in zero visibility. a plane so advanced it's moving aviation to the to the next generation. >> dan: still to come tonight, interior secretary investigates
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a bay area oyster farm to decide whether to shut it down next week. a little girl closes the turkey gap for needy families. plus old pets and young kids, would any grade schooler could identify a typewriter. digital generation technology gap. and creepy, new technology that
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>> dan: after years of controversy and debate we are closer to finding out the fate of a north bay oyster farm. today the secretary of interior
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heard both sides at point reyes national sea shore. >> they have been harvesting oysters since 1934. that may soon end. the lease will expire at the end of the month. interior secretary will make the final decision. he toured with the owner talking to workers and seeing firsthand how the farm works. when he bought the aging farm in 2005 hoping to renew the lease if he figuresed up the operation. they produce 40% of the state's oyster harvest. >> we would not be here if it wasn't. >> he had a chance to sit down with the secretary and told him why he should be allowed to
9:32 pm
stay. >> to get fully educated to make an informed decision. >> they argued this area as potential builderness when the park was created in the mid 1960s. they say it's time for the farm to go. they shared their concerns with the secretary, as well. >> they are really pleased he came out. he came out to listen to us and hear the tremendous support and many local conservation organizations. >> he will base his decision in part on a controversial environmental review released by the park service. it's bin the source of scientific debate between the park service and advocates for the farm. >> understanding what is happening, meeting with them and his family on the oyster farm and meeting with the workers, it
9:33 pm
was very important for me to understand that. there are c decision i will make. >> the secretary says he will announce his decision by the end of next week. let's turn back to the holiday for a moment. a thanksgiving dinners will be purchased in this th year purchased with food stamps than ever before. they estimate 42 million measures or food stamps. a 70% increase since 2007. the cost to feed all of those people, hit a record $72 billion last year. the budget of a person on food stamps is $1.25 per meal. president did what he could to help some of the needy this thanksgiving eve.
9:34 pm
>> a lot of families in line. this was a food bank in washington, d.c. the president was joined by his wife and daughters. meantime, back here, a san jose girl's birthday wish is helping feed the needy. ten-year-old heard about the turkey gap at sacred heart community service. so suil yeah turned it into a fund-raiser raising about $400 for sacred heart. >> i want everybody to have a nice thanksgiving. >> dan: how sweet is she. that money helped close the gap and provide food boxes to more than 4,000 people. this is the 48th year for their
9:35 pm
annual food giveaway. the next big drive is toys. it will need about 17,000 toys before christmas. well done, happy birthday. >> we know it goes hand in hand what about older technology. what about older technology. would the average
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>> dan: construction work on apple's future campus may be delayed for two years. they revised the plans for this
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spaceship like headquarters. officials may not be able to complete an environmental study until june of next year. the campus may not be ready until 2016. original plans were submitted to the city by steve jobs in june of 2011, four months before his death. it's almost black friday when many people start the shopping process. if you thought those lifeless mannequin eyes are following you. you might be right. they installed police grade cameras into the eyes of some mannequins. they sell them for about $5,000 each. this video handed out might company. they say some stores in the u.s. are using them for marketing research. get this, they are expanding the plans that have mannequins record what you are saying. i don't know about you but i rather they not.
9:40 pm
technology has changed until you show kids these days. most of us what we were using a few years ago. nick has the story from sacramento. >> it was simple those old devices we were in awe of. we were able to get a record player, a walk man, a reel to reel recorder. a rotary phone, type writer and polaroid camera. then line up all that babbling in the day that was worth hundreds of dollars and just wait for priceless responses. >> all these second and third-graders are from the boys and girls club in sacramento. none of them know about our hidden camera. >> it's weird.
9:41 pm
>> it's camera. >> like in the army, if they wanted to type it like that. >> it's when you touch one it moves. [ laughter ] >> oh, yes, we heard that jacob. >> what do you think? >> i was thinking i could get a genie out of here. >> it's called a record. >> a record. >> who do you think would use something like that back in the old days? >> i think god. [ laughter ] >> that is cassette tape. >> oh, yes, it says right here. >> this whole thing is called a
9:42 pm
walkman. >> it's not able to walk. >> it could be a walk woman if you want it to be. clearly the female empowerment of this group. >> what about a typewriter. >> oh, doing this. it writes on this. >> you say oh you know what we are talking about. you put paper in it. and you knew about the ribbon? >> because the clicking and it comes out like this. >>. [ laughter ] >> the majority of them knew what the polaroid camera was.
9:43 pm
the phone was a giveaway and everything else was a guessing game. if you feel old by watching this take cover, in about 30 years might know know what an ipod is. >> in sacramento, abc-7 news. >> things change so fast. i want to turn your attention. breaking news coming into the newsroom. there has been a shooting in oakland. sky7hd is live over the scene. a report of shooting at seminary in oakland. you are looking live from sky7hd at emergency vehicles and police. this has as a result on 580 backed up traffic considerably. we'll find out exactly what happened. we'll have more for you at 11:00. certainly more for you at 9:00
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at we get it. there is the camera live from sky7hd pulling back. you can see the traffic that has resulted backed up because of resulted b[ laughter ]ause of [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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[ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> dan: tomorrow we eat and day after that we shop. which stores have the best deals. michael finney how to figure it out. >> they have incredible deals, offering the lowest prices of the season and retailers are offering from cut rate cookware to free dog antlers at prices 80% off and even higher. shoppers will be jamming the
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stores camping out to snatch the deals that may be only available for a day or even an hour. wal-mart is offering in stock guaranteed from 10:00 to 1:00 p.m. thanksgiving night. a high definition tv for $148, an a blue player for $38. that is regular retail price but you get a $75 gift card as a bonus if the items sell out they will give them a voucher and guarantee they can pick them up before christmas. >> all black friday sales, a walmart if if you are in the store for that hour, you will be able to get this deal. >> michael runs the website where he tracks all the black
9:49 pm
friday deals. one of the top picks, k-mart is selling this lcdtv for just 97 dollars. for a bigger set at rock bottom price, check this out this television for $179 at best buy. regular price at the store, $419. also best buy, laptop at $190 less than half the retail price. if you want a more advanced low priced laptop, they recommend one from dell. >> if you can spend a hundred dollars more, get 14 inch laptop. it's got a better processor and more memory. >> at $300 that is half off of dell's price and you don't have to wait in line to get one. they are selling this vacuum for $249, but you have to be member of the club to get that price.
9:50 pm
the news samsung galaxy phone is hot seller, verizon you will pay 249 but sam's club is selling it for just 96 cents with a two-year verizon service plan. it may be worth paying the hundred dollar year membership to save about $250. for inexpensive stocking stuffer a digital camcorder for $113 and walmart has an assortment of dvd movies like the green lantern. >> dan: there are some deals out there. so the weather a good deal. spencer is off and sandhya is back. >> it's going to be a fabulous deal for thanksgiving. very nice looking weather, foggy and cold in the afternoon and keep it mild mostly sunny other than a few clouds through the holiday weekend. >> dan: breaking news, we talked
9:51 pm
about a suspected shooting at 580 at seminary and oakland. now, we have learned about a mile away from the scene, that a body has been found of someone shot and killed. we do not know but we do believe it was related to whathappeningd up traffic. a mile away from that scene where you are looking live now, a report of a shooting. someone shot and killed and a body found there. one mile from this scene, the back-up on 580. we are running down exactly what has transpired and update you at 11:00 over on channel 7. certainly some violence in oakland tonight. sports director larry beil with all the sports and big decision for the 49ers. >> jim harbaugh tells
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>> dan: coming up at 11:00, blackout wednesday, think are calling this the biggest college party night of the year.
9:55 pm
and lost and found police are working so hard to find a golden sucase. those stories are coming up over on channel 7. >> jim harbaugh, he danced around the quarterback question but tonight they reported that alex smith has been told that colin kaepernick will start. kaepernick had a couple starts romp and he was electric. that was one game. how will he play in the noisy dome. one thing harbaugh did say today that his quarterback might change week to week. maybe he would play both in some games. >> this isn't one of those situations where you have the aging starting quarterback and they are clamoring for the next guy.
9:56 pm
the young guy is in there struggling and people are clamoring for the popular back-up. we have two really good guys. >> so what do the quarterbacks think of all of this. smith has not been cleared to play. he hopes he will get the doctor's okay. he has been through this his whole career. >> if you can't be happy for your teammates' success, go play tennis or golf or something. it's ridiculous. it's a team sport. its quarterback decision gets a lot of attention. it's important that it doesn't come. >> we have always supported each other and we're going to keep doing that. >> carson palmer spent seven
9:57 pm
years with the bengals before being traded. palmer and raiders will host the bengals. it marks the return of hue jackson the head coach from last year as assistant secondary coach with cincinnati. they said jackson really is growing as a pro. >> he believes in me. he will call plays because he wants you to make a play. he did that. >> this game is not about you. it's not about us. it's about two teams that is going to play hard against each other and going to compete and be a physical football game. >> the warriors are hosting the nets and much improved team. lopez, this would be going to the hoops, chris humphries sliding into the dunk.
9:58 pm
he is trying to hang in there a sweet reverse. third qaerlt. williams slashing and scoring. 61-60, nets and clay thompson has been stone called but tied at 63. getting out of in big way. warriors up 5. jeff curry launching that would be a 4-point play. fouled on the shot. david lee to carl landry with the jam and acrobatic here. 102-93 is the final score. jonny gomes was instrumental. pride petaluma, he has agreed with two-year deal with red sox for $10 million. he hit 18 homers and leadership was tremendous in a young clubhouse.
9:59 pm
gomes' presence and personality will be missed. >> hunter pence nicknamed the reverend, giants winning the world series. it spawned imitators. a production shot behind the scenes footage which will air during the world series on sale now. >> a chance for us to make history. >> i want to play with you tomorrow. yes. >> it's really good. >> i want to see you. i wanted to play one more day. >> i want to see it. >> i am going to be every one-single one of you for one more day. >> that is what it is about. >> yeah. very good. >>. >> dan: breaking news story. live overhead. here is what we know. there was a shooting on 580 tonight. two cars involved. by the time

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